Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is everyone eligible for home insurance?

  • Everyone is eligible for a policy, regardless of your credit history. However, the better your credit is, the cheaper your plan will be.

  • Does my neighborhood require coverage?

  • Depending on the location of your house, some neighborhoods that are prone to natural disasters require and enforce that people have policies. Before buying a home, this is something that you need to know.

  • How much protection do I need?

  • The more protection you have, the less out of pocket cost you will need to pay in case of a disaster. You can determine how much you would like depending on your financial situation and how much you can afford per month.

  • What does property damage insurance cover?

  • This covers your home in case of things like fires or floods. While some insurers will not offer flood coverage, you can obtain this through the government if you feel that it is necessary.

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